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Generally China is very safe for foreigners. Many people, even single woman traveler, after they travel or study in China alone, say that they feel China is one of the safest countries in the world. But please remember the following for your safety:

  • The tap water is not drinkable water in China.

  • Ensure your money and valuable things is not shown in public or outside.

  • When lost or in difficulty, you can ask for directions or for help from a police officer.

  • Do not enter into any areas or sites that are not open to foreigners etc.

When you encounter emergency or need help in campus, the information is as the following:

Security Office, WUST

Qingshan Campus phone:    68862119

Huangjiahu Campus phone: 68893392

Hongshan Campus phone:    87395820


When you encounter emergency outside campus, please remember the following phone number:

For security emergency:


For fire emergency:


For medical emergency:


For transportation accident: